Key to Balance

I have always been such a motivated person, I have my mother to thank for that. My parents divorced when I was five and I went on to live with my single mom and visited my father on weekends. Growing up, I saw how hard my mother worked at her job, and yet still was able to cook dinner every night and take me to my extra-curricular activities. NEVER did she show any sign of distress or struggle, she made it all look so easy. To this day, I STILL do not understand how she did it. What I do know is that my mother has these qualities: she is organized, patient, kind and straight-forward.
Only recently has my internal light-bulb turned on. I have been feeling such an imbalance in my own life because I have been going through new life changes and challenges (school, relationships, work) and instead of using it as my stepping stone I have let it overcome me.
In practice as a dietitian so often people believe that in order to reach a healthy state or to lose weight that they have to restrict their eating or go on a restrictive “diet”. Essentially, this just creates a rollercoaster of ups and downs filled with failed “diets”, periods of happiness and self-consciousness of weight loss and gain. Everyone’s eating pattern is different and clearly, one must first establish balance in their own eating environment in order achieve their health and nutrition goals. Many times the root cause and commonality amongst those with poor eating habits include an imbalance in life, school, children, work, or relationships etc.
**”Ah Ha” moment** …. ORGANIZATION!
Organization works delightfully with balance. Why? because in order to be able to do well in school and work, be healthy, spend time with loved ones, family and friends one MUST learn to organize which includes setting priorities and time management.
More so now than ever I feel myself making a conscious effort toward reminding myself to strive for “balance” and be more organized. I have started my nutrition blogging adventure, began a new job, and continue to take night classes toward obtaining my MBA. Although the load may not get lighter, it does become a bit clearer once the clutter is removed and the rhythm of organization sets in.

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