Society Barbell & Fitness

Have you ever walked into a fitness class, bootcamp, or gym and immediately felt intimidated by your surroundings or by that muscle head slamming weights from across the floor?
… I thought so.
Unfortunately, living in South Florida , superficiality is as common as tan lines. I have actually canceled gym memberships in the past due to growing tired of looking at the social pick-up hour led by the women in barely-there fitness gear. *sigh*
Nonetheless… a girl’s gotta work out right?! … So what do I do ???
A lil’ bit of err-thang!
Establishing a solid workout routine includes variety. I find that adding variety into your exercise regimen allows you to keep from becoming bored by fitness (or environments) while also engaging different parts of the body.
Personally, I like to do a little bit of everything. I was a dancer for a good portion of my younger years as well as throughout college, so I love to take the occasional ballet, barre or yoga/pilates class. But, I also enjoy a solid weight-training sesh or boot camp class to get me that nice sweat action goin’.
So, you can imagine how excited I was when Mike, the Director of Corporate Fitness at Society Barbell & Fitness invited me to come try out a class.
Anyone who lives in or has visited Brickell, Miami understands that parking can be a struggle and not to mention, expensive. Although my class was on a Saturday morning, I was prepared for the worst. While visiting the Society website I realized they were prepared as well, as they provided multiple parking locations in the FAQs on their site. Although they mentioned a convenient lot nearby, I opted for street parking for a slim $1.75. Easy enough.
The walk up to Society was calm, serene almost. I am surprised those words even came to my head when mentioning a walk in downtown Miami, but its true. Society is conveniently located away from the hustle and bustle of Brickell Ave, on the river in the Mint building. I followed the bike path through the dog park right up to the river and into Society’s glass doors where I was welcomed by sleek, minimalist and clean decor followed by friendly greetings all around, and no sign of intimidation anywhere.
Not your typical Crossfit box, the floor plan at Society is actually more of a rectangle shape placing emphasis on the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Miami River. All along the walls of Society you will find words of encouragement along with mantras and the gym’s philosophy including:
“Be Fearless, Good Vibes , Hustle and Grind” to name a few.
What also sets Society apart from other gym’s is the inclusion of introductions at the beginning of class and their partner-geared work outs. I LOVED this. Being as it was my first time at class I thought this was a great way to break the ice and create a “team” atmosphere. Working out with a partner was so much fun and great motivation! Also a great way to network and meet new people.
Society provides a spin on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), approximately 35 minutes in length. Anyone who has taken this type of class understands the amount of hard work, dedication and drive it takes to get through. Being able to look up at the wall during class and see words of encouragement along with the beautiful sunshine reflecting on the Miami River with passing boats and the up and coming Brickell City Center provides an immediate pick-me-up. It gives you that extra push to make it through the set, reminding you of your purpose and what brought you to work out on a Saturday morning in the first place. Not to mention also reminds you of how fortunate you are to be able to work out to such views in a city in which people vacation at.
Remember everything I mentioned earlier about the meatheads and intimidation? Well, I can honestly say I felt absolutely none of that during my work out at Society. If you are looking for a solid work out with great company and amazing views hit up Society Barbell & Fitness – tell ’em TheSavvyStrawberry sent ya ! 😉
Coach Tony and Mike
 ^^^ Thanks for a great Saturday work out guys!! ^^^

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