The Watering Hole

Loving this new concept!
The Watering Hole is the Whole Foods Davie newest addition –  a in store bar with a top notch menu. The bar, features seating for eight and a communal table seating up to 20, will serve up a fresh lineup of light bites as well as wine and craft beer.
Recently invited to a sneak peak menu tasting at The Watering Hole and was throughly impressed! Scanning through the menu, I could have tried a bit of everything for sure, however everything provided on tasting menu, including the wine parings, was wonderful!
Nacho everyday cauliflower ($9) – house potato chips stacked high with crispy cauliflower bites, pico de gallo and drizzled with avocado crema
I loved this! It was like getting your friend food fix without the grease and the avocado crema was done with a vegan mayo. I promise no one even noticed!
Ancient Grains & Greens ($8) – quinoa, farro, asparagus and green garbanzo with kale pesto.
This next item was light and refreshing. When you look at the ingredients, it really is a simple concept that would make a nice  week night menu addition for sure!
Paired with the lovely Lolea sangria.
2016-08-31 20.20.53.jpg
Boom Boom Shrimp ($10) – crispy shrimp drizzled with Thai chili sauce
Honestly, this dish was great, but the wine paring even BETTER! (Mohua = new fav)
 The shrimp was cooked perfectly and the “boom boom” was just right – not overly spicy.
2016-08-31 20.40.56.jpg
Rachetta Pizzas ($9) – racket-shaped with a cheese stuffed handle – Chicken Tandoori with Mango Chutney
Moroccan spices are one of my favorite flavors. This pizza is definitely one for sharing and with ALL your friends because the flavors are ON POINT!
2016-08-31 21.09.55.jpg
Steak Frites $20 – Nature’s Rancher NY Strip with Black Truffle Fries
I will be the first to say that I am not a huge steak eater. I never order it when I go out to eat – I am a bit particular with my meat. However, considering I was at Whole Foods, quality was to be expected and it delivered.
2016-08-31 21.28.22.jpg
Finished it off with a touch of sweetness.
Midnight in Miami ($5) – rich chocolate terrine
Paleo friendly options are available and include Cauliflower,
Vegetable and Egg Stir Fried Rice ($8) and Sauteed Garlic Zucchini Noodles ($8).
Definitely going to give those a try at my next visit!
The Watering Hole is located inside Whole Foods Market Davie at 1903 South University Drive in Davie. The bar hours are Monday–Saturday from noon to 9PM and Sunday from noon to 8PM. Whole Foods Market Davie is open seven days a week from 8AM to 10PM. Telephone: (954) 916-3000.
Follow the store on and Instagram @wholefoodsbroward.

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