True Food Kitchen

I must start by sending a HUGE shout out to my new friend Sean, manager at True Food Kitchen (TFK), Austin!
I had some expectations as to what I may expect from my first experience at TFK but let me tell you that they were completely blown out of the water.
When I say I hit the motherland at this establishment, I TRULY did ! The entire experience starting with the walk up to the front doors was nothing less than spectacular.
Thank you Sean, for making me feel so welcome at True Food Kitchen and for creating an amazingly delicious foodie experience for me 🙂

2016-09-02 13.16.08.jpg
At only 25 years young, Sean contributes impeccable customer service, culinary knowledge and industry experience far beyond most others his age. After graduating high school and gracing his presence (or what I consider “kicking ass”) at TFK in LA and then Phoenix, Sean was sent off to head up the Austin TFK.
GET THIS… three of his Phoneix employees enjoyed working for Sean so much that they followed him to Austin.
As per Sean,”our employees go through extensive training but they truly love what they do.”
He then asks our server what she likes most about working at True Food, she explains; ” I have a passion for health and nutrition. I love being able to come to work in an environment that fosters my passions and being able to make people smile with healthy food is amazing.”
SA: Did you always know you were going to end up in the restaurant industry?
SF: Pretty much, I started out at 14 working in the family restaurant and loved it so much that I even spent my birthday there working.
SA: How do you find time for balance?
SF: I put in a lot of hours here, but I LOVE what I do. Truly. Coming to work isn’t a drag for me, I live for this stuff.
Purple Basil
Fresh ingredients on display at the front door of True Food Kitchen Austin. Such a unique touch! Fundiller and TFK Austin work closely with local business and farmers to source all their ingredients on the menu as well as for the decor within the restaurant. Sean explains, ” if we happen to run out of lemons mid rush, it’s as easy as making a phone call to our lemon guy who’s just minutes away for extra.”
SF: “if there is an item not on the menu, like soda, and a guest asks for it, I will personally leave the restaurant and grab them whatever soda they want”.

Mise en place
UM HELLO… Do you see this amazing open kitchen?!
2016-09-02 13.13.37.jpg
Lunch Crowd
Reclaimed wood makes up the ceiling. But really … would you expect anything less?
Not to mention, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that all the chairs in the restaurant were made from recycled coca-cola bottles. Who knew coca-cola could have such a sleek and healthy second life ?!
Ginger Margarita añejo tequila, ginger, citrus, elderflower
Because I just had to. Nothing says vacation better than a solid ‘rita.
So, is it still anti-inflammatory if there is tequila in it ?
Medicine Man sea buckthorn, cranberry, pomegranate, blueberry, honey, black tea
 A refreshing and wonderful antioxidant addition
Sean’s Pick:
Grass-Fed Steak Tacos- avocado, greek yogurt, cilantro, pickled onion, anasazi bean, cotija cheese
Herb Hummus greek salad, feta, grilled pita bread
Fresh made hummus with a nice little kick.
Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta almond ricotta, garden herbs, arbequina olive oil
Yeah… I said ALMOND ricotta this dairy free alternative totally FOOLED me !
I LOVED this dish, absolutely DELICIOUS.
Grilled Avocado piquante pepper, edamame, organic corn, pepitas, goat cheese
Just stick a fork in me… two favorites: avocado and goat cheese.
Combo was rich and creamy but bursting with flavor. I MUST have this again.
2016-09-02 14.30.16.jpg
Sarah’s Pick:
Ancient Grains chicken, miso glazed sweet potato, turmeric, charred onion, snow pea, grilled portobello, avocado, hemp seed
Every item I had at True Food Kitchen blew me out of the water and truly proves a point to everyone out there who thinks that eating healthy means sacrificing taste. They could not be more WRONG!
Eating healthy is a choice, but it does not mean that it cant be a fun experience. Lunch at TFK was a choice I will make over and over again. With amazing food, seasonal menu items, beautiful decor and super friendly staff providing OUTSTANDING customer service who wouldn’t want to go back for more?
TFK Inspo
P.S Word on the street is True Food Kitchen is comin’ to SOFLA!

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