Ode to the Fanny

Living with diabetes is not always a walk in the park. Between the financial burden, doctors visits every 3 months, lab work that is never to you or your doctors satisfaction, and not to mention the eating out and vacation/traveling struggles.
It is easy to fall into a SLUMP.
The simple pleasures for most can easily become daunting for those with diabetes/ insulin pump wearers.
I recently went on vacation and was so STOKED to spend a day tubing down the San Marcos river until I realized (one week before the trip) that it would literally be an ALL DAY adventure. The bus drive out to the river would be approximately one hour, which was of course, not the bulk of the concern. But the float down the river would be at least FOUR HOURS!
What’s the BIG DEAL right?
The thought of having to manage my blood sugar for four plus hours on a body of water in the middle of NO WHERE.
Think about that… I’m sure my fellow pump wearers can relate.
Being disconnected from your insulin pump means no continuous flow of basal insulin of course and is not suggested for more than 30 minutes at a time. CLEARLY manual injections on the hour would NOT be an option so what in the WORLD was I supposed to do?
One major MELT DOWN later, 4 days left to the trip, a day saving idea popped into mind.
Waterproof FANNY PACKS!
YES, of course! Why had I not thought of this sooner. Surely amazon would have waterproof fanny’s and what-do- ya know… they DID and in packs of TWO.
My best friend appreciated that 😉
I tell ya, that fanny was a GODSEND!
I was able to fit both by meter and sensor receiver in it perfectly and they both stayed completely DRY!
I was so upset before hand at the thought of potentially not being able to do something purely due to my disease and I would not take NO for an answer.
Of course, this was just one example. Going to the beach, out to eat or even going on boat can be stressful with diabetes.
BUT I have done all of the above AND MORE… even skiing and zip-lining! Never once letting my insulin pump stop me!
Frustration and meltdowns come with the territory and road blocks will pop up from time to time, but it is how well you walk through the fire that matters most.
Trust me, the feeling of gratification you get once you overcome that obstacle in your path is overwhelmingly worth it!
Anddddddd that’s how a water-proof fanny saved my vacay 🙂
During my frantic search on Amazon I came across the Flipbelt!  Super cute and already ordered it!

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