My most recent visit to the new Ciao Cucina Coconut Creek was surprising… and by that i mean it is so refreshing to finally have a solid restaurant serving up good food in your backyard. A less than 3 mile drive from my house, Ciao is located in the Promenade Shops of Coconut Creek. Serving up Italian, gastro-pub fare, Ciao is just what the neighborhood needs!
And as it was my older brothers birthday, we indulged a bit.
Check it out !
Strawberry Dragon (9)–  Espolon Blanco tequila, Basil Strawberry Puree, Jalapeno, Agave
 Grilled Octopus (14)– Parsley sauce, peppadew


 Poutine (10) -wedge fries, gruyere, short rib, gravy
 Fried brussels sprouts (7)– Creme fraiche & parmesan
 Nutella Bread Pudding for the birthday boy !

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