Beaker & Gray

Granola….Enough said.


I mean who doesn’t love  a solid granola. It goes great in trail mix , on top of greek yogurt, with nut butter or in the case of Beaker & Gray, fabulously with black mission figs, ricotta and puffed rice.

Yeah yeah… call me a brunch geek.


Brunch is one of my favorite, no IS my favorite meal time on the weekends. Or any day for that matter. Usually, it is filled with waffles on top of eggs topped with maple syrup, throw in some mimosas and maybe an eggs benedict and there you have it.

No no, not this time my friends.

Following a killer cycle class at the new Cyclebar Davie, my fellow foodie friend The South Florida Sage and I decided to hit up the new brunch menu at Beaker & Gray.

Located in Wynwood, right on North Miami Ave. Beaker & Gray is at the perfect spot to have a nice meal before heading to check out the local art scene (or whatever else the crazies are up to lately in Miami).

Chef/Owner Brian Nasajon has created a weekend brunch menu is packed with wonderful seasonal menu items. From the Spanish Tortilla with chorizo and olive, to the Kale N’ Eggs with quinoa, egg whites and wild mushroom it was so difficult choosing just a few because  it seemed as though every menu item was jumping off the page screaming “eat me !” It all looked so good!

So here is how it went down.

Sage and I went with the Croque Madame, Granola, Coffee Glazed Bacon and the Sticky Buns. As per usual, all items were shared which is really how the items at Beaker & Gray are designed to be enjoyed anyway!

From a Dietitian/Nutritionist standpoint, sharing really is caring and I highly suggest it while eating out with family or friends. Think about it, sharing dishes gives you half or even less than half the portion you would normally eat if you hogged it all to yourself, it allows you expand your eating pattern, and not to mention, the best part is you can order a bunch of items from the menu giving you the full scope of the restaurant culinary perspective.

What a revelation right?!




Croque Madame– Oxtail, Gruyère, Sour dough


Amazing. Flavorful. Simply delicious, the Croque Madame was the most ideal sharing item not to mention cooked and seasoned perfectly. I could have eaten plates of this, but that of course, is highly inadvisable.




Granola + Coffee Glazed Bacon


Coffee glazed bacon.  Any coffee + bacon lover’s ears perk up at the sound of that. As they should because this slab of pork was a hit. Another menu highlight  no doubt.




Sticky Buns – Cinnamon, Pecans, Vanilla Ice Cream


Of course this portion of buns is wayyyyy to much for two people to handle so Sage took it home to share with her family. Honestly, throw some candied pecans on anything and I am all over it. The buns were a nice winter item for the approaching holidays. Order them for your group, you wont be disappointed.





Simply the best “granola” I have ever eaten


The holy grail of granola and yogurt. This yogurt dish easily puts your morning breakfasts to shame. It’s not greek yogurt, that my friends is ricotta. Ricotta glorified with the addition of the fabulous black mission fig, blackberries and raspberries topped with what I believe was a honey + basil drizzle.



As a Dietitian/Nutritionist who is obsessed with wholesome food I was beyond delighted at the menu offerings at Beaker & Gray. Balance is key to wellness and  the Beaker & Gray offerings are great options for those looking for flavorful whole food well done.


Beaker & Gray is located at 2637 North Miami Avenue in Wynwood. Lunch is served Monday through Friday, Noon to 4PM; dinner is served Sunday through Thursday from 6PM to 11PM, and Friday and Saturday from 6PM to Midnight. Brunch is served Saturday from 11AM to 4PM and Sunday from 11AM to 11PM. Happy Hour is Monday through Friday, 4PM-7PM & Monday through Thursday, 11PM to 2AM. Telephone:(305) 699-2637;

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