Paradigm Kitchen


Run, skip, hop, jump, and leap on over to Paradigm Kitchen!

This super cute and healthy spot is located in what seems to be the “almost always under construction” area of Sunset Harbour Miami Beach. But do not let that keep you away, there is a convenient parking garage within the same building of shops and restaurants for a dollar/hr.

My fellow dietitian friend Julienergynutrition and I were stoked to hit up the vegan, gluten-free health food options at PK following an hour-long exhausting paddle-boarding. Let me tell you, Paradigm Kitchen is killing the health food restaurant game!

Impressed is an understatement.

There are a lot of people out there who believe that vegan, gluten-free or just health food in general tastes like cardboard. Crazy, I know.

This is an unfortunate and very common misconception my friends. To all my South Florida, non-health food believers out there I am urging you to get your happy selves on over to Paradigm Kitchen A.S.A.P !

I ordered the Calentado Two Step.  Definitely a fan favorite, I noticed it on almost every table at PK, and with reason! The quinoa was chilled and hearty with the sunny side up egg. The dish was perfectly portioned and satisfied my post-workout protein fix.

Did someone say protein and healthy fat?




Julie opted for the Yogurt Asana. I don’t know about you, but as I am writing this post and looking at this bowl of colorful fruits my mouth is watering.

New Year fruit craves.

Not your average greek yogurt + fruit dish, PK adds in some pizzaz with a chlorophyl-honey syrup. Plus the chia and hemp seeds add in fiber, protein and omega-3s!




A post meal cafecito is a must round these parts and the PK Cafecito is just the fix.




If the two-step and the chlorophyl did not do it for ya, then this sweet treat right here DEF will. The Stoner’s Delight is out of this world tasty ooey-gooey goodness. It is everything you want it to be! … Mushy, sweet, crunchy, chocolate-y , and oh did I mention VEGAN?!




There are so many ways to prepare a good protein packed vegan dish, and Paradigm Kitchen is showing us how it’s done! I wish I could have ordered more, but not to worry I will definitely be making my way back over for a round two soon enough!


Paradigm Kitchen is located at 1834 Bay Road Miami Beach, FL 33139 with hours of op Monday – Friday Breakfast 8am-11:15am, Lunch 11:30-5pm and Saturday & Sunday Breakfast from 9am-3pm. Contact (786)453-2488 nscarnati@paradigmkitchen for more info!

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