Top 5 Tips to Healthy BBQ Eats


Now, I totally understand that BBQ cookouts are not an everyday occurrence and I am a supporter of those once in a while “sometimes” foods as part of a balanced eating patterns. BUT if you are trying to get bikini ready and prep that summer body – I have put together the top 5 tips to keep healthy, active and balanced this Memorial Day Weekend!

Lets take a look:

  1. JUMP-IN! The pool, lake, beach etc. whatever your preferred body of water, just jump in. Swimming is a great calorie burning and weight-bearing exercise and the best part is, because you are having fun you wont even think of it as a “workout”!
  2. WATERMELON: What a great summer fruit right? I actually never liked it growing up, but as an adult I am all over that ‘ish ! The watermelon is so nutrient dense! Vitamin A , vitamin C, fiber, choline and 92% water are just a few of watermelon perks. Watermelon does well on a stick, in a fruit salad, even on the grill but be mindful of charring (see #3).
  3. DON’T AGE: Your foods that is… Grilling meats, fruits, or even vegetables until they are charred produces what are called advanced glycated end products or AGEs. Not to turn completely nerdy on you all, these AGEs are bad because they contribute to increased oxidative stress and inflammation. Basically two key contributors to the major health conditions plaguing our society including type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.
  4. HYDRATE: I cannot emphasize this enough! Most of us struggle to get in our daily fluid requirements just on a normal day, throw in the heat and activity on Memorial Day + the lack of water could cause for some serious dehydration! So lets avoid this by keeping a glass of water on you at all times this weekend. Need help calculating your fluid needs – contact your local RDN to help ya out 😉
  5. HIDE THE BUNS: Do we really need the extra carbs anyway? Try using a butter leaf lettuce instead of a bun for your burger. Even better, try opting for a BBQ chicken or even salmon! Some great low carb sides include: corn on the cob, fresh vinegar coleslaw (sans mayo) and avocado salad. You totally can do this !

Memorial Day has become synonymous with BBQ and get-aways, but the main stars this weekend are all of the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our safety and liberty. I cannot imagine the amount of strength and courage it takes to put your life on the line in order for all of us to live ours. In honor of all that our service members (past and present) have done for us, from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

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