Think Escape Games – Think HARD!

Pic 8

Murder Mystery + Team Building  … Say what?

I really didn’t think that the Think Games Ft. Lauderdale would be so difficult! I recently went to my first game with the ladies of the Ft.Lauderdale Blogger Union and no one told me that it would be so much WORK!  Cals were def burned hunting for clues and unlocking doors – Brain juices were flowing for 1 hr straight.

Founded by Greg Kormendi and Shannon Best in November 2015, Think Escape Games offers live-action team-based games where players solve puzzles, accomplish tasks and work together in a hands-on environment to escape the game in a set amount of time. Think Escape Games offers players and corporate teams the chance to stretch their minds in new and unique ways.


Needless to say – I underestimated the amount of work but definitely had a great time. Awesome non- gym way to get some activity in!

The Think Escape Games is ranked No. 7 of 22 in Fun & Games in Fort Lauderdale on Trip Advisor and No. 4 of 71 in Escape Games in Broward County, FL on Yelp.What sets them apart is that the rooms are truly one-of-a-kind in that they are all built from scratch. The creators mastermind all the puzzles and build out the rooms right on site.

Better yet, they aren’t a franchise operation, which means all the games are unique and have never been replicated.

Ready to give it a try?!  check them out @ Think Escape Games 2635 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 (954) 233-2663




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