Plant Food + Wine Miami


Let me preface by saying… this was the most amazingly delicious plant based meal I have eaten BY FAR!

Plant Food + Wine has shaken up the food scene in Miami. Backed by the mastermind Chef Matthew Kenney’s classic raw food dishes, the menu here will knock the socks off of anything bland, boring or cardboard tasting you thought was “vegan” food.

Forget ANYTHING you have been told about how dull vegan food is because it really is not! Regardless of the amazing production Plant Food + Wine has going on, eating vegan does NOT mean eating cardboard and I promise am not just saying this because I am a dietitian.

Making a vegan meal is not impossible. Look at Plant Food, they are doing it without any ovens! That’s right people, NO OVENS in the kitchen.

Amazed yet?

I absolutely LOVE the education piece Plant Food + Wine has to offer. Wanna walk the walk? Plant Food + Wine is the only certified vegan culinary school in South Florida and they hold weekend intensives open to the general public for all those interested in learning the vegan way.

Ugh,  If I could just reach into my computer screen and grab another bite!

I could talk for days about my experience, I was so impressed, but why don’t we let the photos do the talking…

IMG_3521.JPGKimchi Dumblings: Cilantro Coconut Wrapper, Ginger Foam


IMG_3492.jpgBeet Tostada: Truffle macadamia Ricotta, Sous-Vide Beets, Raw Beets, Shaved Truffles, Dill


IMG_3506.JPGCoconut Ceviche Tacos: Sunflower Chorizo, Avocado, Pico de Gallo, Lime Crema



IMG_3512.jpgCandied Papaya: Tamari Pearls, Macadamia Goat Cheese, Seed Granola




I would like to send a warm thank you to GM Juan Rivera! The quality of your character emits volumes unto your staff which provides impeccable service, and the kitchen is putting forth simply radiant and healthy food. The cutting edge and delightful artwork set forth on each plate tastes amazing and leaves you wanting more. I commend Plant Food + Wine Miami for enhancing the food culture in Miami and look forward to whats to come!



Plant Food + Wine is located at 105 NE 24th Street Miami FL, 33137





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