Glass and Vine

The summer is almost over but the scrumptious summer menu at Glass and Vine in Coconut Grove is still here!

For the rest of the month until, September 30 Executive Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli at Glass and Vine will be offering seven dishes for only 39$ per person and a delicious play on some of our veggie favorites.

Eating out and eating healthy can be ubiquitous and Chef Rapicavoli has shown us a prime example with his Summer Veggie Menu. But before we dive into the deets of the menu, let’s have a a chat about seasonal eats.

Did I just rhyme?

There is more to eating seasonally than just a hip foodie phrase. Eating foods that are in season actually is a healthier option, and not only is it good for us but also for the world we live in as well!

Here are top 4 reasons to eat foods that are in season:

  • Supports local farms
  • More nutrients!
  • Eco-friendly
  • Better taste

It may not seem like a big deal, but when we eat foods that are in season, we are saving the atmosphere from all those harsh fuel emissions that come from shipping our fruits and vegetables across the nation. Local farms are just that, LOCAL. Less emissions, less fuss, and we help our farming brothers and sisters out! It’s really a win- win 🙂

Also, when the fruits and veggies are grown during the time of year that they are MEANT to be, they can have higher nutrient content compared to their out of season counterpart.

And if knowing that you are improving your carbon footprint and increasing vitamin/mineral content just by choosing foods in -season doesn’t make the food taste better than you better check out this Summer Veggie Menu from Glass and Vine to see for yourself!



Watermelon salad with Florida Stracciatella topped with fragrant basil and California olive oil



Heirloom Tomatoes  with leche de tigre, cilantro, and jalapeño



Sweet Corn sprinkled with lime crema and queso cotija



Charred Cauliflower with herbed tahini and crispy chickpeas



 House Madesemolina Pasta with green pea pesto and breadcrumbs



Lobster Tartine brioche, lemon yogurt, brown butter, celery

( not part of veggie menu, but we were feeling a little sea-food touch )



Guava Bread Pudding 

(because balance…)


Each dish at Glass and Vine was simply wonderful. I loved that I was able to enjoy a seven course veggie based menu and NOT miss protein. It is so great to see popular Miami restaurants like Glass and Vine, taking the initiative to create such an inspired and health conscious menu!

Glass & Vine, owned and operated by Grove Bay Hospitality Group, is located at 2820 McFarlane Road in Coconut Grove. Valet parking is available in front of the restaurant on McFarlane Road. Telephone: (305) 200-5268;

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