5 Easy and Healthy Turkey Day Tips


It is here guys!

Thanksgiving Day has finally arrived and I cant wait to spend it with friends and family enjoying yummy homemade food.

Every year I try my best to add in a healthy activity during the holiday and this year since I have been obsessed with the MoveWith app, I  conveniently have a 40 min run planned for today… Cant wait!

So I got to thinking, making healthful strides on Thanksgiving does not have to be difficult and today I have made it even easier by providing my top 5 for you here:

  1. Go for a jog 
    • MoveWith is my fav. It is so convenient to use and the variety of classes and workouts never gets old. With five minute burn workouts there is no reason why anyone cant get active using this app.Everything is planned out for you, all you have to do is hit play. Since I am not much of a runner, I saw that MoveWith had a 5K run plan. Day 1 was a nice 30 min jog and each day after was geared toward strengthening up. Today is building on endurance, 40 minutes long #letsdothis!
  2. Use low sodium broth
    • Why? Because were going to be seasoning the food with so many other herbs and spices, do we really need to over-salt our stuffing and turkey from the very beginning? Nope! The Standard American Diet is so high in sodium, averaging over 3400mg of salt per day! Let’s face it, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease are already major issues in the states. We do not need to compile these with added salt. You wont even miss it !
  3. Winter veggies are in
    • Stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, macaroni and cheese, pumpkin pie, and corn bread… where are the veggies? It is easy to get caught up in the holiday food prep. I totally support balance as these holidays come once a year and we clearly are not eating all these rich sides on a daily basis, however, would it hurt to throw some nice winter veggies in the oven too? Some of my favorite and most easy to cook with winter veggies are:
      • Brussel Sprouts – as a cruciferous veggie, brussel sprouts are full of cancer-fighting nutrients and are also very helpful for protecting our DNA. I love to toss a pan of brussel sprouts with extra virgin olive oil in the oven for a nice crisp crunch.
      • Carrots – We know they are good for our eyes, full of vitamin A and antioxidants,  carrots also very helpful for our immune system. I love mine roasted.
      • Beets – great for supporting nitric oxide (NO). NO is what helps stimulate our endothelial lining in our arteries to relax (vasodilation) which is great for supporting healthy blood pressure. Not to mention, beets are full of vitamins, A,B,C and as a natural source of sugar, it is a unique way to sweeten up your turkey-day meal.
      • Kale- I think we know enough about this powerful leafy green but just incase you have been living under a rock, kale is great source of vitamin k, vitamin e, iron and antioxidants. Make sure to massage it if you plan to use it in a salad so its not a bitter crunch.
  4. Mind your plate
    • One human, one plate, one serving. I have a feeling that for most, it is a competition to see how high we can pile the food on the plate in to a food mountain. But it is important to realize that although this holiday is focused around food, we still need to honor our hunger and satiety cues as well as be mindful of the amount of food we are serving ourselves. Food mountains are not necessary. My suggestion, serve yourself the protein first, add a serving of veggies (if they are there) and with the remaining plate real estate add in your favorite turkey-day treat. Take your time eating, slow and steady. You will more than likely be feeling more than satisfied by the time you reach the end.
  5. Stay hydrated 
    • With this day off, or any day off really, it can be hard to focus on staying hydrated. We have family and friends over, events and gatherings to attend and food to prepare. It is so easy to forget to drink water with all the fuss around us. SavvyTip: wake up and fill a gallon of water for yourself. Begin in the morning sipping on water, while getting ready and make sure to have some before heading out the door. If your staying home just keep it out on the coffee table or counter. A gallon is hard to miss and with that serving as a constant reminder, getting your daily water requirements on a busy Turkey day is a bit easier.

Wishing everyone a happy, yummy and safe Thanksgiving. Enjoy and give thanks 🙂


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