New Year, New Who?

When was the last time that you did something for your personal growth, to better yourself?

When was the last time you read a book, meditated, took a walk, took a breath?!

…. did you just take one now?

Growth, determination, improvement, development.

As humans, we need to continuously be challenged, be made uncomfortable. It is there, in the sticky, hot mess of being uncomfortable (in a new job,  new city, doing a new workout, trying a new book club, introducing yourself to a stranger) where GROWTH happens. Any time, any day, there are 365 new opportunities to grow into a positive, effective, and healthy human.

Which brings me to my point, does the whole ” New Year, New Me” thing drive anyone else crazy?

Health is not a season, it is not something you think of once at the end and beginning of a year and it is magically a part of your lifestyle. It is a practice that you must continue to improve upon, develop and fine tune.

Health and especially nutrition, should not be about creating a whole NEW body or starting a whole NEW trendy diet, rather it SHOULD be about enhancing yourself, fine tuning and working day-in and day-out to achieve your goals.

I would love it if society could get rid of the whole “new year new me” thing and while we are at it, let’s get rid of all those crazy fad diets. But that’s probably asking too much.


My point is that “New Year New Me” is unrealistic goal setting, it isn’t a goal at all. A main part of lifestyle change is setting measurable and achievable goals both over short and long term periods of time. Not being specific on how you are becoming this ” new you” or starting on some crazy fad diet will set you up for failure. 

When society says ” New Year, New Me” what does it really mean? Is it sending the right message? Does this mean that somehow come January we are magically going to change that job we have been miserable at for years, stop eating fast food and start cooking every meal? change our personalities, our habits? Lose 50 lbs,  eat more vegetables? Start working out?

Sounds like a lot of changes and expectations to put on yourself all at once doesn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong. These things ARE possible for to achieve if someone really puts their mind to it and wants it to happen, but what I am saying is that it is unrealistic to put this burden of drastic habit and lifestyle changes on yourself all at once come the New Year.

Rome wasn’t built in a day right?

Think about how long you have been eating at McDonalds, not working out or not drinking water. Months, Years living this way maybe. Gaining weight does not happen over night and lasting lifestyle changes for the better also wont happen overnight.

That being said, it is early January, we have all of 2019 ahead of us, let me make it clear that I am NOT trying to shy anyone away from making healthy changes starting today. I simply want to emphasize that there needs to be a shift the process of how we go about making those changes. Set measurable, realistic goals. Work with professionals (personal trainers, dietitians, physicians) who can help you achieve your ultimate heath goals and keep you there.

Why wait until the new year to “transform” right? Wouldn’t it make more sense to continue to work on yourself (body, mind, and food habits) daily, over the span of 365 new opportunities?

I went through some positive life changes and did a whole lot of self-reflection over the last few months which resulted in a relocation to the great state of Texas and a shiny new job.

About 5 months ago I uprooted my Boston Terrier and native South Florida butt and moved on over to Houston, Texas ( hence the y’all, cus yes they do say that here… often). Crazy, risky, adventurous maybe? Yet, I can honestly say that it has been the best thing that I have ever done for myself.

Relocating takes risk no matter where you are going. You are packing up your dog/cat/family, all your crap and going into a new space, with new scents, in a new neighborhood, and even in a new CITY!

While some people have yet to understand why I moved from “beautiful” South Florida to Houston, Texas, I however, have the complete understanding that this “risk” I took was not only necessary for my career, but essential to my mental health. I am proud to say that 2018 has been a year of personal growth for me, and I look forward to all the great things coming up for 2019.

My hope for 2019 is to strive everyday to become a better version of my self. To try a new food, new vegetable new recipe, a new workout. To continuously challenge myself and put myself in uncomfortable situations because I know that there is where I grow. I hope to use positive self-talk to work on my confidence and hope that these efforts to better my health and lifestyle pour out onto those whom I have the pleasure of meeting and working with.

Happy 2019 Y’all 🙂 Yeehaw!








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