Glass and Vine

The summer is almost over but the scrumptious summer menu at Glass and Vine in Coconut Grove is still here! For the rest of the month until, September 30 Executive Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli at Glass and Vine will be offering seven dishes for only 39$ per person and a delicious play on some of our […]

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A Night with Siggi’s 

How often do you cook ? I’ll be honest, I am not cooking as much lately. Between finishing up grad school and working full-time plus being a dog-mom 😉 It has been a bit cray around here. However, when I dooooo cook it’s usually breakfast as it’s the easiest meal for me to prep for […]

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8 Take-Aways from UM’s ICAMP Seminar – The Power of Integrative Medicine

Talk about information overload! Last week I attended the University of Miami Integrative and Complementary Academic Medicine Program seminar appropriately titled, Healing the Whole Person – The Power of Integrative Medicine. So from Friday to Sunday I was soaking up hour after hour of the latest research and information in the field of integrative medicine. […]

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Find your Fiber

Where does it come from? What does it do? Why am I even writing about this? I could just say that it is everywhere, grains fruits and vegetables; it promotes bowel health, lowers LDL cholesterol, and could help normalize blood sugar levels because it is awesome … But that ain’t my style! Would it surprise you […]

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BCAA, Protein, Creatine, Oh My!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and confused while browsing the protein section at the health food store? Pea protein, whey protein isolate, pre- workout, post- workout, BCAA’s, creatine. Even I find myself spending a good thirty minutes in that isle of the store. What is all this stuff and do you really need it ?! […]

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